Request for information migration SVN repo with externals to Gitlab


Currently we are investigating options to migrate our SVN repo with externals to Gitlab.

The SVN repo contains multiple projects which link to a common XSD folder with 900 XSDs. Not all projects use same set of XSD’s. These projects with related XSDs we need to migrate to Gitlab.

Could you indicate if your subgit application is able to perform such migration?

Kind regards,


Hi Said,

thank you for your interest in our product!

I’m afraid though, that little that SubGit can do with externals, it is able to translate externals to special .gitsvnextmodules files when translate.externals setting is set to true, but that is all SubGit can do with externals, it won’t translate SVN externals to Git submodules or subtrees.
On the other hand, SubGit is definitely able to translate multiple projects from an SVN repository to separate Git repositories, that is core SubGit functionality, so I would say that the migration itself is possible yet the it would require post-migration maintenance to create submodules or subtrees, possible out of the .gitsvnextmodules files with scripts or similar means.