Should any cleanup be done after one-time migration from svn to git?

I did a one-time migration, and “git show-ref” shows the following:

-10 refs/svn/attic/branches/
-7 refs/svn/root/branches/ matching the 7 branches now in git
-3 refs/svn/root/tags/ matching the 3 tags now in git
-tons of git refs without svn in the name

I’m slightly worried about the svn ones. Is it OK to leave these in my new git repo forever?


thank you for reaching out to us on that matter.

Yes, it’s OK to leave them there forever, they should not affect normal Git repository operations. Those references are created by SubGit during the import and, basically, for the import. SubGit leaves them there for a possible case of later mirroring. If you don’t need them, feel free to clear them out with the following command:

subgit uninstall --purge <path to the repository>

This command clears all SubGit metadata.

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