[solved] Account banned?


I wanted to add a comment to an existing JIRA issue in order to provide more information on the reproduction steps.

When trying to login with my existing account “jaquemet” on https://issues.tmatesoft.com/
I get the following message “User account jaquemet is banned.”

  • I have never received a warning on this subject, and do not understand why I would have been banned. I always pay attention when dealing with my password management and never reuse password on different sites. I’m really sorry if anything bad happened with my account.
  • I have tried to reset my password (with success as far as I could see), but it did not change the final banned login message.

Could you have a look at it ?
Olivier Jaquemet

Here is the answer provided by tmatesoft for this issue :

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. We have launched a support forum at https://support.tmatesoft.com for such issues and since then our old task tracker is only used internally. You were not banned, but we have decreased the users’ limit, and this is what YouTrack says to the users who exceed the limit.