Some merged commits greyed out during the migration


When we migrate our repositories from SVN to bitbucket, we have observed that some of the merged commits are greyed out and also the changes of that commit are not visible in the migrated repository.
Can you please let us know how we can retrieve those changes and why the commits are greyed out?


could you attach a screenshots of greyed out commits because it’s not clear what you mean by that.

To exclude Bitbucket UI problems lets discuss it at the level of Git repository content, “git log”, etc. If you run “git log” at the Git repository, does it display something unexpected for those commits? By the way I must say that “git log -p” doesn’t show changes for Git merge commit even if these commits have changes. Could it be what you observe? In this is case it’s the expected [strange] Git behaviour, everything is actually ok and nothing can be done from our side.