Subgit allows git commit when svn hook fails

A developer tried to merge their change in git with a commit message that should be rejected by the svn commit hook. We try to catch these things in the git reviews but the regex on our git side is not exactly the same.

This happens from time to time and usually the git merge fails and subgit shows that the svn hook rejected the commit. That’s fine.

However, this time, the commit shows as succeeded, I can see it in the repo on the subgit server, but it doesn’t show up in svn.

If I do ‘subgit fetch --async’ it clears the commit, and if I push again the same thing happens. it goes through in git, no errors in subgit logs, no sync to svn.

If I do ‘subgit install’ when the new commit is already pushed on git side, subgit recognizes there is a new commit to sync, and this time shows that the svn hook rejects the commit.

Hello Jonah,

the descriptions sounds as if the pre-receive hook is not being involved during the push to Git, could it be the case? Could you please also share the daemon and hooks logs from the affected repository?

Hi Ildar,

Yes this seems to be the case, thanks for the pointer. I didn’t see any issues in the logs, but now I realize the dates are all old andthere hasn’t been any logging. I think I am still having configuration issues around moving the repos off gitlab. I guess we just managed to go a few weeks without encountering a conflict.

if the hooks are not running it’s still possible for the sync to occur as the daemon will periodically trigger?

I’ll move this discussion back on the gitlab migration thread as I’m back where I started on that end