SubGit deals with SVN Externals

We are looking to do a one time conversion of SVN repo (which includes lots of externals) into Azure DevOps Git.

Will your product do that correctly?

Helle Warren,

thank you for your interest in our products!

I’m afraid, though, SubGit does not offer much of a features regarding SVN Externals; in fact, it is only able to save the externals definitions in a special .gitsvnextmodules file in the Git repository and that’s pretty much all it can do with externals. Some versions of the SmartGit Git client are able to read and handle such files, but I’m not sure this feature is still supported in modern versions of SmartGit.

A possible workaround for SVN repositories with externals is to import repositories (the main one and all the external ones) separately and then join them in Git as submodules or subtrees. We also have a new product that allows join Git repositories together, allowing to do so also on the server side as opposed to submodules and subtree, here are more detail on that:

Git X-Modules

Please let us know if you are interested, we would be glad to help.