SubGit import failed with "failed to run repack"

I was importing one of our repositories (quite a small one).
I did :
subgit configure -layout std --svn-url file:///c:/tmp/svn/msgsrv.sync/MessageServer c:\tmp\git\msgsrv.git

edit c:\tmp\git\msgsrv.git\config - add triggerGitGC = false to [svn], according to other issue here. Config attached

subgit import c:\tmp\git\msgsrv.git

output was

Translating Subversion revisions to Git commits...


error: fatal: failed to run repack```

The import resumed after running it again and finished successfully

Hello Lukas,
could you attach the import log with “failed to run repack” error? We could then analyze what went wrong to prevent such problems in the future.

I apologize, I thought it was part of the zip file. I will reproduce it and upload right away


Thanks! There’s an option:

By default it runs “git -c gc.autoDetach=0 gc” even N revisions (N is configurable using this option). It seems that the this command fails for its internal reasons.

I think it would be useful to check whether the problem is not caused by Git repository corruption:
git fsck

If you don’t want this to bother you, you can also disable Git GC triggering:

triggerGitGC = false

In either case, it seems the problem lies outside SubGit. But thanks for the logs anyway! At least we now know that.

git fsck returned

Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
Checking objects: 100% (10140/10140), done.

running import with triggerGitGC = false fails as well (logs and config attached)

and after running import again it resumes and finishes sucessfully (logs attached)

Thanks for trying but I can’t find ‘triggerGitGC’ option in the config file logged in the beginning of the log file… The log file always starts with logging your config file.

My bad, I did put the triggerGitGC to git config file in the root folder of the repository, not in the subgit folder.
Now it runs great. Thanks for your support and patience.