Subgit imported repos 150X larger than svn-git

I’ve been doing test runs of one-time imports of a number of SVN projects using subgit and svn-git using the commands below:

./subgit import --authors-file users.txt  --svn-url $SvnUrl $LocalRepo


git svn clone $SvnUrl --stdlayout --authors-file=users.txt --no-metadata --prefix ""  LocalRepo

Most of the repos produced by subgit are much larger than those produced by git-svn. The smaller repos are well under 1MB using git-svn, but are all at least 69MB using subgit. The smallest is around 400K using git-svn, but is 69MB using subgit.

There seems to be a 69MB lower limit on repo size produced by subgit. These projects are being imported from various different SVN repos, but when imported using subgit always seem to produce a minimum repo size of 69MB regardless of the project size and source repository.

There is much less difference for the larger repos. For some of the largest, the subgit repo is actually smaller than the svn-git repo by 20-30%.

Is there any way to obtain more reasonable repo sizes when importing smaller projects with subgit?

I’ve also tested without the --no-metadata option and that doesn’t have a noticeable impact on the size of the svn-git repos.

It’s worse than I thought. I wasn’t comparing apples to apples. I was comparing the size of the bare repos produced by subgit to the non-bare (dressed?) repos produced by git-svn. When I convert the svn-git repos to bare ones, the size difference is even more drastic. The bare subgit repos are up to 290X larger than the bare git-svn repos.