Subgit install fails

Dear Subgit.
I at Compax face a problem with your product. If I sync a single project then I have no issues. But I get a netwrok error when I a whole project with subprojetcts sync will, at the subgit install “project” step.
Please advise at a contact for technical support, we have a license from ou of course.
Thank you,
Karoly Partl, Compax Operations Team

Hello Karoly!

Judging from the description you’ve provided in the previous chat, it seems the whole project synchronization attempt hits server-side timeout: when the whole project is set for synchronization, SubGit needs to scan more history and prepare more data which takes a longer time comparing to the time needed for a single folder, and during this preparation it hits the server timeout which ends up with the error. A possible workaround for such an issue it to increase the timeout setting for the http server that serves the SVN; for example, for Apache it can be done like follows:

Another possible workaround is to use another protocol to access the SVN server, like svn or ssh.