Subgit register returns error

Having gitlab EE running as a docker image and having installed subgit 3.3.11 on the host I’d like to register gitlab.

With root I fire: subgit register --key subgit.key /srv/gitlab/data/git-data/repositories
error: ‘/srv/gitlab/data/git-data/repositories’ is not a valid configured location; SubGit configuration file is missing.

Do I have to register subgit for every single git repo?

Hi Josef,

SubGit requires mirrored repository to be registered; it’s not SubGit itself which is being licensed, but every mirrored repository, so yes, every mirror must be registered with a key.
As for the SubGit and GitLab in a container, I have responded in the adjacent topic that this setup – GitLab in a container and SubGit in the host operating system – is not supported, SubGit must be installed on the same machine or container with GitLab.