SubGit says I have more than 100 users but I only have 72

I only have 72 people with GitLab accounts that can access it.

Is there any way I can find out who it thinks the authors are?

Hi Steve,

sure, there is, it could be done with the following command:

subgit register --print-committers <REPO>

This command will print all the registered committers with their names and addresses.

The issue itself most probably has been caused by that some of the developers are using different Git names committing from different places. The matter is that SubGit relies upon Git names to count registered committers and if a developer commits to a mirrored repository using different names, then it may happen then they will be counted more than once. Note, that “Git name” here stands both for the name and the email parts, that is, the following names are different for SubGit:

John Doe <>
John <>
John Doe <>

and thus SubGit will treat them as different committers and count separately.

To resolve this “multiple count” issue and count a developer only once, all the Git names should be mapped to the same SVN name in the authors mapping file (or authors helper), like:

johndoe = John Doe <>
johndoe = John <>
johndoe = John Doe <>

In this case, SubGit will count John Doe only once despite of three different Git names.
This change of authors file does not require any other actions and should be recognized automatically in 15 minutes or so.