Support for old Bitbucket versions

Hello! Currently, our team is looking for a solution for creating a shared library between 2 projects and we really like the concept of Git X-Modules. We are using the 7.21.2 version of Bitbucket. In the Atlassian marketplace it’s written that the product is supported from 8.0.0 to 8.2.1 Atlassian Marketplace. In the versions history I saw that the last 2 releases are for compatibility but I need a confirmation about it. Can we use the latest features of Git X-Modules with version 7.21.2 of Bitbucket?

Hello Antonia, thank you for getting in touch! The latest version 2.0 was released specifically for compatibility with Bitbucket 8.x. For Bitbucket 7.x please use version 1.01, it can be found here: Git X-Modules for Bitbucket Server - Version history | Atlassian Marketplace

We are going to support and update both version threads in the future.

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Thank you very much!

Hello Antonia,

I’m happy to inform you that we have just updated the version of Git X-Modules that supports Bitbucket 7x to v1.0.2. The latest version includes some important stability and performance improvements, so I recommend updating it.

If you need any assistance with Git X-Modules, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Also, we would love to hear your feedback!