SVN Exception on M1 Mac/BigSur 11.4

We’ve been having this error in Jenkins for a while now. A user called Niklas has created a patch that fixes the issue.

Link to bug report: [JENKINS-65802] SVN Exception on M1 Mac/BigSur 11.4 - Jenkins Jira

Hello Ivan,
thanks for letting us know! I’ve created issue SVNKIT-770 and applied the patch. The fix will be included into the next SVNKit release (probably, it will be named 1.10.10).

@dmitry.pavlenko Is there an ETA for that next 1.10.10 release? This issue is still causing a pretty massive blocker issue for folks using Jenkins on macOS M1 hardware.

Hello Frank,

We’re going to publish 1.10.10 next week - on 22 of February!
I’ll let you know as soon as it is ready.

Hello Frank,

now SVNKit 1.10.10 is available for download and in maven central.