SVN mirror different revision number

Under , user moved on of the folders from trunk to which is under Revision 11770
Now the user requests to migrate with revision number 6671, where the folder exists under
Is this doable? If yes, please could you assist the steps.


do I understand correctly your request that you need to import the SVN repository to Git stopping at the revision 6671 instead of importing all the revision up to the latest 11770? If yes, then I’m afraid it cannot be done by SubGit itself, SubGit has no feature to stop the import at an arbitrary revision, it always import SVN data till the latest revision. So to limit the import with the r6671, the SVN repository should be modified so. The easiest way is to dump the SVN repository to a file, then restore it in another location (preferably on the SubGit server to use file:// protocol) and then import this repository from the new location using SubGit. It is possible to dump the repository either locally or remotely, here is the command that can be used locally (on SVN server):

and there are the details on the remote command:

And the load command allows to restore previously dumped repository:

So, to import only limited range of revisions, first that range of revisions should be dumped into a dump file either by using svnadmin dump or svnrdump dump command, and then the dump should be restored to another location using svnadmin load command and that newly restored repository should be used as a source for the SubGit import.