Svn Mirror in Bitbucket says Out of Sync for one of the revision

Hi Team,

we need some urgent help on this,

Svn Mirror in Bitbucket says “Out of Sync” for one of the revision, Please find the attached snapshot


370544 This rev was committed on 22-august, and till today we have not seen that “out of sync” Also we can see that 370544 rev is present in bitbucket as well, can you please tell us what it means out of sync?

Manju NS

Hello Manju,

Mirror may go into “Out of Sync” when it didn’t caught some of the SVN revisions, while there were new commits on the Git side.

For example, this might happen, when SVN Mirror App is disabled for some reason and meanwhile both Git and SVN sides receive new changes. As soon as SVN Mirror App resumes its operation it will detect conflict and will stop syncing this particular branch.

I’d suggest you to do the following to get more information on the conflict:

Clone repository and run the following commands in the cloned repository:

Fetch commit notes by running the following command in your working tree:
$ git fetch origin +refs/notes/subgit/unsynced:refs/notes/subgit/unsynced

Fetch unsynced commits:
$ git fetch origin +refs/subgit/unsynced/heads/6.3_mirror/1:refs/subgit/unsynced/heads/6.3_mirror/1

Follow recovery instructions:
$ git show --notes=subgit/unsynced refs/subgit/unsynced/heads/6.3_mirror/1

Please reply with the output of these commands.

Also, it makes sense to check actual history of the refs/heads/6.3_mirror branch and compare it with the history of refs/subgit/unsynced/heads/6.3_mirror/1 branch. Second one may contain commits that are not yet synced from SVN to Git:

$ git fetch origin +refs/svn/map:refs/notes/commits
$ git log refs/subgit/unsynced/heads/6.3_mirror/1
$ git log refs/heads/6.3_mirror

Above commands will show both Git commits in the corresponding branches and SVN revisions these commits are mapped to. Please, share the last few commits from these logs.


Hi ,

Please find the output of these commands.

any updates on this?