SVN to Bitbucket cloud migration


My team is trying to migrate from SVN to Bitbucket cloud, does mirroring works, please advise or any other strategies.



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It’s definitely possible to migrate or even keep SVN and Bitbucket Cloud repositories synchronized, yet it would require some configuration. The matter is that both SubGit command-line tool and SVN Mirror add-on for Bitbucket server require direct access to Git files which is not possible with Bitbucket Cloud, so the option to install either of the tools on the cloud is not available. Nonetheless, it’s possible to establish a mirror or migrate repository with an interim Git repository, the following article reveals details of this setup:

TMate SubGit: SubGit for GitHub

The article mentions GitHub, but the approach is the same for any Git cloud, including Bitbucket Cloud.

Hope this will help, but we of course will be glad to help had you got any questions.