SVN to Git Migration

Hi Team,

We are thinking to migrate entire svn data to git and so many projects and repositories are there in my svn tool but at a time all data how we can migrate.

So please suggest any document and plugin for this migration.


Hi Venkatesh.

We have two products that are capable to migrate SVN repository to Git: SubGit command-line tool and SVN Mirror add-on for Bitbucket server. They both have similar functionality, the only difference is that the former one is a command-line tool that can be used independently, while the latter is an add-on that can be installed on self-hosted Bitbucket, either Server or Datacenter edition.
Here are the step-by-step guide for SubGit tool:

and here is the guide for SVN Mirror add-on:

Also, I would recommend taking a look at the following documents:

Those are not step-by-step guides but are detailed descriptions of branches mapping specifics, authors mapping and authentication for SubGit, them may be useful for complex translation cases.

Hi ildar,

Thanks for the early replying,

SVN Mirror add-on use for only migration from svn data to Bitbucket tool or we can use for another tool like Github, Gitlab like.



the SVN Mirror add-on is only designed to work with Bitbucket server, it cannot work independently or work with GitLab. However, you can use SubGit with GitLab, here is the guide for such a setup:

SubGit is also able to work with GitHub (or any other Git cloud service, like Bitbucket cloud, GitLab cloud, etc.) but it would require a special setup with an interim SubGitserver, here are the details about this setup:

Hi ildar,

I have gone through the below document whatever you shared to me,

I am following each and every steps but it will not update SVN data in gitlab, at the same time its not showing any error while doing the migration.


Hi Venkatesh,

if the import goes well without error, but the GitLab UI doesn’t then show the data, then it must be GitLab UI issue. To resolve it run the following command as root:

gitlab-rake cache:clear

After that, the data should appear in the UI.


Thank you so much for supporting, All data will be importing from svn to GitLab.

I have 10 Repositories in my svn, so will be possible to migrate all repositories in GitLab at the same time.


Hi Venkatesh,

SVN and Git repositories are being mapped one-by-one, there is no feature to configure 10 repositories at once. The import in all 10 repositories can run at the same time but should be configured independently.