svnCommitMessage hook

Hi guys, in continue to

Is it possible to add option like svnCommitMessageHook that accepts some executable that produce complete commit message to stdout? Placeholder values can be passed via environment variables like SUBGIT_MESSAGE (%message).

In such case, we can filter and modify original messages to avoid problems like by link above.

Hi Monah,

do I understand correctly that your intent to change a commit message on the fly? If yes, could you please explain in a little more detail why the approach using svn.svnCommitMessage does not work for you and what should be the difference between the setting you suggest and the svn.svnCommitMessage? I mean, the svn.svnCommitMessage already allows customising the commit message on the fly using different placeholders, why create another setting for the same purpose?

As described in initial link, there is SVN server with hook that check commit message for ‘BugId:’ feild present.

Some git<>svn operation, like branch deletion does not create git commit message, so, we can’t point BugId for it.

svn.svnCommitMessage can help with it by adding something like ‘%message\nBugId:none’. But for generic use we always get “BugId:” duplication, if initial message contain it.

Idea with commit message hook is simple: it can be any script, and we can check initial message for BugId (or something similar) present and add it only when it is omitted. svn.svnCommitMessage can’t do it.

Ok, got it, thanks for explanation, we’ll discuss it internally, will let you know as I get any information.