Sync completed successfully in X-Modules GUI, but no directory created in Github

Followed the quick start guide, set up a sync on a branch called “monorepo” in my main repo, then attempted to add a submodule to it called “infra” pointing to “infra” main branch. Sync completes sucessfully, but no folder containing submodule is created in the main repo.

Interestingly, when I initialized a new module in a fresh repository with main branches pointing to each other, it works as expected. Perhaps it’s related to me using a branch other than the default branch as the target in the parent repository.

EDIT: After some further testing, a couple of interesting things that I discovered.

If I try to create the initial sync on the default branch in the parent repository it will succeed just fine and commit to the repo.

If I try to create the initial sync on a non-default branch in the parent repository it will not sync (it shows a grey box instead of a checkmark and nothing is actually committed to the repo)

If I create an initial sync on the default branch, and then go in and switch that sync to target a non-default branch, it also appears to work as expected

Hi @cpdeethree,

Thanks for reporting this issue along with the additional findings!

It looks like a bug: our app can’t properly resolve non-default branches for new repositories and that is caused by internal caches not being properly updated. We’ve updated this part of the app just recently, so that might introduce the bug. We’re going to fix that as soon as possible, I’ll update you here on our progress. Thanks!

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Hello @cpdeethree,

We’ve updated gitmodules application and I expect the issue you were experiencing with module not actually syncing should be fixed now.

I tested this again and it did not work as expected. I deleted my module from my branch and tried to reinitialize it, and still kept getting grey and no sync.

EDIT: Tried it again and it worked, not quite sure what happened