Syncing process in SVN mirror is looks very slow


Two days back I have started svn mirror in bitbucket and the Syncing process is still not completed, can you please advise what may be the reason

what I noticed is, syncing of every 1000 revision it will wait for 30 min to start next

Manju NS

Hi Manju,

by default, SVN Mirror addon invokes ‘git gc’ every 1000 revisions. Judging for your observations, GC process takes much time, is it would worth to switch it off, for the time of initial import at least. It can be smithed off by svn.triggerGitGC configuration option. To apply it, just add it right to the mapping configuration:

     trunk = …
     branches = …
     triggerGitGC = false

Other than that, the import process does not seem unusual, the time needed for initial import depends on repository history, repository size, network speed, etc., and two days for a big repository may be considered normal.


Can we apply this option while running sync process ? if I add this option is it start from the scratch?


Manju NS

Sorry, forgot to mention that. No, this setting won’t be applied on the fly, you would need to Disable the mirror to stop the process, then apply the setting and then Enable the process back.