Testing SVN Mirror in a test environment

We’d like to clone our Production site and test things out during our upgrade. How we bulk disable all active mirrors in the clone before starting it up? We can then add a single test server.

We’re mostly doing this to prove to our customers that all is well.

Thank you for your time and efforts, we appreciate your app very much.

Hi Steven,

Sorry for the delay with the response.
SVN Mirror add-on’s operations can automated using the add-on REST API; here is our article that describes it:

I’m not sure I understand the idea about cloning, though: if the intent is to fork the site repository, then the for should not be mirrored. Or was that related to the whole server cloning?

Yes we’re preparing to upgrade from bitbucket 6 to bitbucket 7 and some of our customers have made a lot of noise about ‘testing’ the svn mirrors. Now I think this is silly because we’ve run SVN Mirror for year and years now with no issues, but we’re interested in making our customers feel comfortable.

We wanted to clone Bitbucket Data Center and then hook up one or two test SVN servers to prove that things work as expected (seems silly but it’s okay). Thank you for the advice, this is a great resource.