The "Fetch History" stage fails before the initiation of migration of SVN repository to Bitbucket

Hi Team,

I am trying to import an SVN repository to Bitbucket and the “Fetching History” stage runs for a couple of hours and finally fails with the following error.

File not found: revision 37886, path ‘/config/config-pecvd/branches/PECVD_XL_XT_3_2/system/equipment/pm1/equipment/dcvd1/ampoule_b_level_sensor’

The actual import did not start yet and this error shows up after a couple of hours.

Can you please help in importing the SVN repo to Bitbucket?


Hi Sitaram,

judging from the description and the error message SVN Mirror hits the issue when it reads actual data from SVN. This issue comes from the SVN server and means that the SVN server was not able to locate the mentioned file in the revision 37886. It may worth to check the permissions for the path, the SVN user set in SVN Mirror settings may not just have the access to the path specified; but this also often happens when the SVN database is corrected and the data is missing there. The latter could be checked by the verify command

svnadmin verify REPOS_PATH

which allows verifying the repository integrity. There’s little that the SVN Mirror add-on can do with such an issue, the only possible thing is just work such an issue around avoiding erroneous revision. This can be done either be setting the svn.minimalRevision to a revision higher than the affected one to start the import from this later revision; or, if a specific revision is being changed in the affected revision, then this branch can be excluded in the mapping configuration so that the add-on does not try to import it.