Unable to create git tags using Ant's build.xml during svn to git migration

Hi Team,

I am trying to update Ant build.xml that has svn copy (git tag for GIT) and replace with git tag commands.
I used the following GIT alternatives for svn copy but it fails.

<target name="tag_build" depends="" description="Target to tag completed release and patch builds">
		<exec executable="git" failonerror="true" dir="${env.WORKSPACE}">
			<arg value="tag" />
			<arg value="build" /> 
          	<arg value="--login" />
			<arg value="somevalue" />
          	<arg value="--password"/>
            <arg value="somevalue"/>
			<arg value="-m 'Build server tagging release for /build with ${label}'" />

It fails with the following error.

23:12:45       [exec] error: unknown option `login'
23:12:45       [exec] usage: git tag [-a | -s | -u <key-id>] [-f] [-m <msg> | -F <file>] <tagname> [<head>]
23:12:45       [exec]    or: git tag -d <tagname>...
23:12:45       [exec]    or: git tag -l [-n[<num>]] [--contains <commit>] [--points-at <object>]
23:12:45       [exec] 		[--format=<format>] [--[no-]merged [<commit>]] [<pattern>...]
23:12:45       [exec]    or: git tag -v <tagname>...
23:12:45       [exec] 
23:12:45       [exec]     -l, --list            list tag names
23:12:45       [exec]     -n[<n>]               print <n> lines of each tag message
23:12:45       [exec]     -d, --delete          delete tags
23:12:45       [exec]     -v, --verify          verify tags
23:12:45       [exec] 
23:12:45       [exec] Tag creation options
23:12:45       [exec]     -a, --annotate        annotated tag, needs a message
23:12:45       [exec]     -m, --message <message>
23:12:45       [exec]                           tag message
23:12:45       [exec]     -F, --file <file>     read message from file
23:12:45       [exec]     -s, --sign            annotated and GPG-signed tag
23:12:45       [exec]     --cleanup <mode>      how to strip spaces and #comments from message
23:12:45       [exec]     -u, --local-user <key-id>
23:12:45       [exec]                           use another key to sign the tag
23:12:45       [exec]     -f, --force           replace the tag if exists
23:12:45       [exec]     --create-reflog       create a reflog

Can you please help?

Hi Santosh,

judging from the configuration and output, the problem here is that the git tag command has no option login, and actually neither it has password option, too:

Git - git-tag Documentation

yet frankly said, I haven’t completely got what the purpose of this configuration and how is it related to the SVN to Git migration.