What can I do if other developers commit an large file to SVN after I do subgit install?

What can I do if other developers commit a large file to SVN after I do the subgit install command?

Do I understand correctly that you don’t want that large file to get into Git?

In this case you can use svn.excludePath option in subgit/config:



  excludePath = /*.iso

The syntax of the option is similar to .gitignore rules.

If the file has already got into Git and you want to get rid of it, you could use the same option (svn.excludePath) and then run

subgit install --reuibld-from-revision REV

where REV is the revision number which doesn’t contain this large file (e.g. 1234). This revision will be preserved in Git while all the later revisions: REV+1, REV+2, …, HEAD will be translated from SVN to Git again using current subgit/config. So if before running the command you setup svn.excludePath to exclude that large file, it won’t get into Git.

Note that you cannot safely remove svn.excludePath option from the config, you can only add such options (thus expanding the set of excluded paths). So use it wisely.

Thanks, that’s what I want.

subgit install --rebuild-from-revision REV