What is Git X-Modules?

Git X-Modules is a new upcoming product by TMate Software. We call it “Submodules done right”.

Have you ever been struggling with code spread between several repositories? If yes, then you probably know, how troublesome the native Git Submodules could be. There a few alternatives, but none of them removes the burden from the end user completely or is a fully supported commercial product.

We used our repository mirror technology, perfected by SubGit and SVN Mirror, to create a new solution for this case - totally server-side.

  • Add modules, selecting a branch and a path to include.
  • No need to run any special commands or follow a specific sequence of actions.
  • Users make no difference between external (module) files and their “parent” repository. One git push and git pull is good for all.
  • Any Git client is supported out of the box.
  • All updates to the external (module) repositories are fetched automatically.
  • Various ways to insert commits from external modules into the “parent” history.
  • Your favorite TMate Support!

The first version of Git X-Modules is scheduled for release in July 2020 as an app for Bitbucket Server. A standalone version for other Git servers will follow shortly.