Java 17 - SVNKit + Eclipse illegal access

When ‘something goes wrong’ when synchronizing SVN in Eclipse, the proper error message is not shown. Instead this pops up:

Seems to be the same issue reported to Eclipse: 576745 – InaccessibleObjectException: Unable to make field private java.lang.Throwable ...

Seen on Eclipse 2021-12 + SVNkit 1.10.2

Any help appreciated :-)

Hello Soren,
I believe it’s a duplicate of the recent report:

and I think that the fix I’ve made for

should help. The fix will be included into 1.10.4 release.

But thank you for reporting this bug and screenshot anyway.

Hello Søren,

The SVNKit v1.10.4 has been released. It includes a fix to the problem you reported. Please download the new version here.